Big Blue World (Album) Review

Fitzsimon and Brogan is a musical duo with quite a story. These two talented artists have a very special synergy, and this is not the first time they’ve worked together. They were, in fact, both members of a band called “Pretty Blue Gun”, which went on to receive critical acclaim and discographic success with two studio albums. Following the experience with the band, Fitzsimon and Brogan decided to focus on another project, collaborating on a new musical adventure with a much broader creative scope. Their most recent album, “Big Blue World” is a fantastic portrait of their magnetic personality and amazing musicianship. The release blurs the lines between pop and electronic music, echoing the greatest artists of the past, but reinterpreting pop music in a modern, fresh and lush key. Their album will certainly appeal to listeners from all walks of life, due to its charismatic and timeless tone.

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